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Shanghai New Star Law Firm is a partnership law firm officially registered in Shanghai (business license: 91102109520). The partners of the law firm are all rich in legal profession experience, and they all have more than ten years career as full time lawyers. There are eight professional lawyers in the law firm at present. The goal of our service is to provide accurate, efficient and economical professional legal service.

The lawyers in New Star Law Firm are graduated from well known universities in the country, even famous in the world, which includes Law School of Waseda University in Japan, China University of Politics and Law, East China University of Politics & Law, Graduate School of Shanghai Social Science College, Shanghai University and Law School of Hainan University. They got L.LM degree or L.LB degree.

New Star Law Firm provides professional legal service and has its own extensive clients. Some lawyers are legal counsels of several enterprises in China which are wholly invested by international public list companies. Some lawyers are profession in investment and company issues in China. Some lawyers have over twenty years' careers in civil law and commercial law. And some are good at civil and criminal litigation. At present, we accept various legal cases of individuals and companies in many countries and districts, such as USA, Japan, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Australia, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan etc. We also deal with legal issues of State-Owned Enterprises and enterprises run by people in China. All clients give us very high praise and good reputations are increased consecutively.

Scope of Legal Service :

•  Accept commission to attend investment projects domestic and abroad, take part in business schemes, attestations and negotiations.

•  Act as legal counsels of institutions, companies, social organizations and individuals.

•  Deal with legal issues during transformation, assets reformation, and stock issuance of companies.

•  Deal with non litigation issues involved in investment, trade, corporation, registration, liquidation, security, trust, loan, mortgage, auction, insurance, invitation of public bidding, technology transfer, patent, trademark registration, copyright and real estate operations.

•  Provide legal testimony.

•  Participate in criminal litigation as attorney in criminal cases.

•  Participate in mediation, litigation and arbitration as attorney in civil, commercial, economical and administrative cases.

•  Draft all kinds of legal documents such as petition, contract, statement and testament, etc.

•  Provide legal advice service and issue legal papers.

•  Other legal services.


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